Bruce is the eldest of our alpacas, he is black with a white kiss on the end of his nose.  He was a rescue alpaca and when we got him, he was quite stand offish, but with the handling that he has received he has turned into a real champ! 

He loves the walks we go on; he is also excellent when having his toes trimmed and being shawn. He is an adorable chap and is very dear to our hearts.

Fabian is brown with a white face.  He is the leader of the herd despite him being quite small. He has a lovely temperament and is relatively well behaved when having toes trimmed and shearing. 

He is easy to catch, and obviously enjoys his walks.  He also loves to meet people and is very curious.

Felix is all white.  He is the same age as Fabian and sometimes they vie for being in charge of the herd, but he is very laid back and again loves human company. He loves his walks, and loves stopping to check out things. 

He is usually in front on the walk and is very confident.  He can be naughty when having his feet trimmed, but he’s gradually learning that it doesn’t help, and they get trimmed anyway.

Karsten is the brother of Kyron again totally black but you can see his eyes which are lovely. Karsten has a lot more confidence than his brother and will probably be leader of the herd at some point.

Karsten like the rest of the herd love going for walks, and has a positive temperament, and very inquisitive when on the walks.

Kyron is one of our younger alpacas, he is totally black, with a mop of hair on his head, so it is difficult to see his eyes. He is quite a timid alpaca, despite him being quite big.  Despite being timid he is excellent at having his toes trimmed and is gaining confidence all the time.

He loves going with the group on walks and is inquisitive as we go along.